Research & Development

Anamolbiu is one of the few seed companies in Nepal with a strong research and development focus. In partnership with government and not for profit actors, our research and development strives towards improving food and nutritional security of disadvantaged communities in Nepal and continually providing better options to farmers.

Client Oriented Breeding of Aromatic Rice

Variety development on aromatic fine type rice using the client oriented breeding approach is a flagship research programme of Anamolbiu. We are using client oriented breeding to tailor the development of our aromatic fine type rice varieties to the different terai and river basin production domains on Nepal.

Two local rice landraces (Lalka Basmati and Gajale Masino) have been crossed with Sunaulo Sugandha and their segregating population are being evaluated and selected.Our aromatic fine type rice varieties will help farmers gain premium prices in the market.

Heritage Varieties

We are collecting germplasm, screening and assessing heritage varieties of vegetables for their unique traits and agronomic performance. Increasingly valued by consumers who value taste and nutrition, these heritage varieties are part of our proud social and cultural identity.

Akabare chilli (Capsicum spp.) is an indigenous hot chili found mainly in eastern mid hills of Nepal. Popularity of this chili is increasing in the market, but genetic deterioration and disease problems are setting it back. There is a need for immediate attention from research organizations. Anamolbiu is undertaking research in collaboration with LI-BIRD, Horticulture Research Division  under Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) for enhancing Akabare chili and promoting improved materials in Nepal and beyond.

Late Blight Tolerant Potato

Anamolbiu has imported late blight tolerant potato lines (Oxona una, Blue denube, Sarp una) from the Saveri Trust, UK for field testing in Nepal. Field testing in mid and terai regions of Nepal show promising results in terms of late blight tolerance and high yields. Anamolbiu will be collaborating with LI-BIRD for registration of promising material in the national system. Anamolbiu is also scoping for nutrient-rich (Fe and Zn) potato lines.

Beta Carotene Rich Tomato

Home gardens play a major role in improving household nutrition, especially for resource-poor and marginal households. Anamolbiu is in a preliminary stage of seed multiplication of a tomato variety rich in beta carotene (a precusor of Vitamin A), targeting home gardeners. The material was supplied by Horticulture Research Division, NARC for test production and is in a process of registration/release by the national system.