About Us

Anamolbiu (literally ‘precious seed’) is a private limited company headquartered in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Anamolbiu was registered (Registration No. 74680/067/068, PAN 304476549) on 2 August 2010 at the Office of Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry, the Government of Nepal.

Anamolbiu is promoted by professionals with considerable experience and expertise in agricultural Research and Development in Nepal. The promoters of the company also include various Community Based Seed Producer groups, Agro-vets and Community Based Organizations from across the country.

We produce quality seeds of more than 25 different vegetables, cereals, pulses and potato. Our seeds are produced in different parts of Nepal in partnership with farmers’ groups under strict monitoring and technical

We take our social responsibility very seriously. Anamolbiu invests in innovations and has firm commitment to promoting ethical business practices with equitable distribution of benefits along the value chain, right from small-holder producers to retailers.

Mission and Objectives

Anamolbiu is committed to producing and supplying quality seeds and value-added agricultural products of
the highest quality. The company has following objectives:

  • Ÿ To provide high quality seed of a  continuing stream of new varieties  of vegetables, cereals, pulses and  potato at competitive prices.
  • Ÿ To undertake Research and  Development in Client Oriented  Breeding and Heritage varieties.
  •  To provide seed related training  and consultancy services.