शुद्ध बीउ, अनमोल बीउ

Quality seeds of vegetables, cereals, pulses and potato proudly produced in Nepal

Research & Development

Anamolbiu is one of the few seed companies in Nepal with strong research and development. In partnership with government and not for profit actors, our research and development strives towards improving food and nutritional security of disadvantaged communities in Nepal.

Client Oriented Breeding

We are using client oriented breeding to tailor the development of our aromatic fine type rice varieties to the different terai and river basin production domains on Nepal. Our aromatic fine type rice varieties will help farmers gain premium prices in the market.

Heritage Varieties

We are collecting germplasm, screening and assessing heritage varieties of vegetables for their unique traits and agronomic performance. Increasingly valued by consumers who value taste and nutrition, these heritage varieties are part of our proud social and cultural identity.

Seed Stock

We produce and sell truthfully labelled seeds of various summer and winter vegetables, popular as well as up and coming aromatic and fine type  rice varieties, legumes and pulses. Check out our current seed stocks and pricing.

Anamolbiu seeds are available at agro-vets in major markets of Nepal. In addition, Anamolbiu seeds are also available at its headquarters in Bharatpur, Chitwan and cluster office in Surunga, Jhapa.

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