Tender for Construction of Polyhouse

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Sealed Quotation are hereby invited by the undersigned on the behalf of ‘KASP Technology to Improve New Rice Varieties and Farmers Livelihood’, Anamolbiu Pvt Ltd from the reputed firms having experiences and expertise in construction of Poly House as per the terms and condition below: I. Scope of work details and specification JOB-1 Construction of Poly House a. Size: 12 Mtr X 8 Mtr (96 Sq Mtr) b. No. of Poly House to be constructed: 01 No c. Location: Surunga, Kankai Municipality- 3, Jhapa, Nepal d. Shape: Arch shape/ Gothic shape e. Arch Shape: Top height: 3.6 Meter f. Structure: Galvanized Iron pipes using knots and bolts system, fixing system in each foundation g. Foundation: Foundation at four corners of rectangular structure with poles or frame to be fitted in each foundation h. Clamps and Bolts: Well compatible and galvanized i. Flooring: Slabs and pebbles j. Door: Angle/ GI Pipe doors/Aluminum Doors k. Cladding material: UV Plastics (Anti hailstone plastics, 200 microns) l. Fixing of cladding materials: Using best quality GI Profiles and anti corrosive springs m. Protection of ventilated areas from insects: Ventilated areas to be protected from UV 40 Mesh net n. Electric wiring, fittings and main switch board: as per design o. Exhaust fan: 1-2 Nos. p. Digital temperature indicators: 01 Nos. II. Technical Criteria a. Bidder should be reputed firm preferably having experience and expertise in construction of poly house for Government Sectors, Autonomous Bodies, Private Sectors firms and I/NGOs. Copy of work orders/award letters showing the experiences of work should be provided along with quotation (Self Attested Photocopy). b. The bidder should have office or network in Eastern Cluster of Nepal for services and logistics. c. The bidder should have a valid PAN number and Sales Tax Registration/VAT numbers and details thereof should be provided (Self attested photocopy of the certificate to be enclosed). d. The bidder should properly assess the material needed and work to be executed to deliver a Functional Poly House having given specifications. Any possible omission or inclusion of items for quality implementation need to be taken care while offering the quote. e. For Job-I, the bidder has to submit separate rates (per Sq. Mtr. basis) with engineering specification and relevant designs and drawings. The rates inclusive of tax, transportation charges, material costs, labour cost, supervision charges, etc has to be submitted both in figures and words. f. AnamolbiuPvt Ltd shall not bear any extra charge on any account whatsoever may be. g. In the submitted documents the bidder should avoid erasing and over writing. h. The selected contractor will discharge all his legal obligations in respect of the workers to be employed/deployed by him for execution of the work in respect of their wages and service conditions and shall also comply with all the rules and regulations and provisions of law in force that may be applicable to them from time to time. i. No accommodation/ no living place will be provided by Anamolbiu Pvt Ltd to the workers of the contractors. j. Advance will be given. Payment will be arranged only after satisfactory completion of the works duly certified by the competent authority. k. Sales tax, purchase tax, turnover tax, services tax, CST, entry tax, octroi, or any other tax on material/service/transportation in respective of this contract shall be payable by the contractor and Anamolbiu Pvt Ltd will not entertain any claim whatsoever in the respect of the same. l. Poly house establishment must be ready within 31 August, 2015.Time of the completion of the work has to be maintained in the submitted quotation by the bidder and...

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